If you are going to launch new product or are interested about increasing user engagement and converion rate, please take a look on key areas I perform in:




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01. Brand strategy

Seeing the product within market structure is crucial to take the right actions and minimise costs of development, marketing and customer support. Understanding user needs and creating unique brand value is a first and one of the most important stages in product development process.

Keywords:   Segmentation Benchmarking Value proposition Social listening

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02. Interface design

Every choice of customer has a reason. Experience design makes them satisfied and therefore loyal to the brand. My design process starts from determining the goal and creating information architecture map. Once the user flow is designed, prototypes and hi-fi design concepts appear.

Keywords:   Card sorting Customer jorney Wireframing Visual deign

03. Usability tests

Usability tests helps to understand how customers feel already launched product. Any unexpected reaction is reviewed so that improvements could be provided. I use a lot of advanced testing tools and methods like click-trackers, eye-trackers, brain activity monitors and more.

Keywords:   Heuristic evaluation Scenario tests Eye-tracking EEG monitoring

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04. Frontend code

Everything today runs on a code. Hi quality code has impact on device performance, search engine optimisation, number of errors, screen readers support and so on. It's always a challange for front-end developers to reflect previouly prepared static designs. Except if they're designers too:)

Keywords:   HTML5 CSS3 Sass WCAG 2.0 SEO Git

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