The underground music label and information service connects independent artists and music fans. Complete visual identification, website, artist IDs and a series of posters promoting concerts were created for the needs of the Underton brand.

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Dominik Januchowski
Dominik Januchowski
Dominik Januchowski

Consistent design

Multi-channel activity built on the basis of a coherent image is a challenge for every, even the most recognizable brand. By building a consistent visual message, Underton creates an inseparable bond with his fans who speak the same language.

Event posters

Mobile app

A Fluid RWD allows to adjust on any kind of device, making it a portal accessible to everyone and at any time. Intuitive and quick search as well as easy navigation and beautiful CSS transitions are the functionalities to which we paid special attention.


„For the past generation, music had become obsolete, disposable. My generation fought to defend electronic music. And electronic music made a return.”

Laurent Garnier, Artist